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“Dulcinea del Toboso” (real name Aldonza Lorenzo) is a fictional character who is referred to
(but does not appear) in Miguel de Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote. Eric Claus, 85 mm, bronze

blossfeldt vzblossfeldt kz
Portrait medal of Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932), photographer, 2013 by Kees Reek, 70 mm, bronze

About portrait medals and medallists

A common reason for having a portrait medal made is to honour a person: someone still living, or a historical figure. A portrait medal may be an expression of respect for a remarkable career, but a portrait medal of a loved one is equally legitimate.

To commission a portrait medal that is to be a ‘work of art’, you need to select a qualified medallist. In many cases you are looking for a sculptor. It is very useful to compare medallists. On request, the artist will offer you an indication of his or her kind of work and of the cost, propose a time schedule to make sure the medal is ready at the required date, and submit a sketch for your consent before realization. Our advice is, if possible, to order the medal a full year before the event for which the portrait medal is intended.

Portrait medal of Mr & Mrs Van der Lugt – Rosenmöller, 1993 by Christien Nijland, 75 mm bronze

The mere fact that medallists say they are portraitists is no guarantee that what they produce will be true works of art. The problem is how to tell. For instance, the integration of lettering on a portrait medal will often pose a problem. This website can help you to understand what is involved. For this website we have made a selection of sculptor/medallists who are professionals in the field of medallic art.

Of course, your choice is always a matter of taste. All artists have their own techniques of working and their own styles. If you choose the artist whose work corresponds most closely to your own ideas, the result of the commission is most likely to please as well as being a work of art. That is a perfect combination.

Kardinaal Albrecht, 1997 Bernd Göbel,  artikel: De Beeldenaar 2008-4

French sculptor François Pompon, 1993 by Frank Letterie, 72 mm, bronze

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